Josué Anderson Rêgo Azevedo, Ph.D student (Co-advisor; Advisor: Dr. Alexandre Antonelli)

Project: Origin, evolution and biodiversity of Neotropical snakes: patterns and processes of the world’s richest and most threatened herpetofauna.
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. University of Gothenburg.

Funding: CAPES, process BEX 1292/15-3.

Curriculum lattes:

Marco Antonio Peixoto, MsC student (Colaborator; Advisor: Dr. Pedro Seyferth Ribeiro Romano)

Project: Biogeography and conservation of the anurofauna of the Mantiqueira range, Southeastern Brazil.
Post-graduation program in Animal Biology.  Federal University of Viçosa.

Funding: CAPES

Curriculum lattes:

Waldima Rocha, Ph.D student (Co-advisor; Advisor: Dr. Reuber Brandão)

Project: Functional diversity, distribution, and conservation of snakes of the Caatinga morphoclimatic domain.
Post-graduation program in Zoology at University of Brasília. 

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Ariane Lima Xavier, Ph.D (Colaborator; Advisor: Dr. Marcelo Napoli)

Project: Biogeography of anurans from the poorly known and threatened coastal sandplains of eastern Brazil.
Post-graduation program in Zoology at Federal University of Bahia. 

Funding:  FAPESB and Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza

Curriculum lattes:

Nathalie Citeli, Upgrading student (Colaborator; Advisor: MSc. Breno Hamdan)

Project: Snake richness of the remaining of the Atlantic Forest of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.
Herpetological scientific collection of Vital Brazil Institute.

Funding: FEMPTEC - IVB

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