Friday, 12 June 2015 13:45

Article on Biogeography of Amphibians of the Restingas has just been published in PlosOne

It is a first synthesis on anuran diversity and their biogeographical patterns in the Restinga, the poorly known part of the Atlantic Forest hotspot. The database of this study was based on the careful revision of specimens housed in the eight largest scientific collections of Brazil. Our results showed a monotonic variation in anuran species composition along the latitudinal gradient and the major predictions of the vicariance model also were corroborated by the detection of a regionalized distribution of the anurans species in four areas along the Restinga and by the presence of congeneric species distributed among distinct biotic elements. Our study highlights the usefulness of basic natural history data and revision of voucher specimens for providing information for biogeographic studies and conservation strategies for this region. Photos amphibians: Diogo B. Provete and Marcela Nascimento.

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